Development Partnering


We’re living in a world of limited time and resources.

Software is an ongoing expense: renew domain, hosting, software licenses, maintenance, updates, etc. Most software applications need to be regularly updated to keep pace with business changes. Maintaining staff with the skills needed to do so can be on on-going challenge and expense.

Companies need to focus on growing and developing competitive advantage in their businesses. Developing, operating, maintaining, and improving the applications that derive that advantage can challenge your focus.

Neemeekaa Consulting liberates companies from the hassle and high cost of managing critical business applications and enables them to be more efficient. We partner with our customers as trusted agents to develop, deploy, and provide for the day-to-day operations of applications that are critical to our customers’ business processes.


Our specialists will enhance your staff to facilitate training, assist with implementation, or simply provide extra manpower on any software development-related tasks. We have the right people for all your IT needs, and we can lead you step by step to a successful solution, based on the specifics of your business and company.

We are specialized in building java web applications. A web application has the advantage that it requires no additional installation, is delivered through the web and will run on any machine that has a browser. We can build your app from the ground up, or we can work with your existing code. We will provide the high quality software your business needs.

“We provide solutions, not excuses!” . Our customers can vouch this.