What languages do you code in?

We have people with previous experience in PHP, Perl, C++, but our focus and strength is Java. We also have specialized JavaScript programmers on our staff.


How do you price your projects?

Neemeekaa Consulting prices its projects according to the development effort required. There are two popular models:

  • Fixed Price Model - The customer provides the requirements. We estimate the time and resources involvement and propose a fixed price. A project plan is made and the payments are linked to important deliverables. Any changes to the requirements are seen as ‘Change Request’ and are charged for the extra time required.
  • Resource Allocation Model – The customer provides high level requirements. Both parties estimate time and required resources involvement. A high level project plan is made. All changes made to the requirements are included in the project’s scope – the project plan is accordingly modified. The resources used are billed on a monthly basis.


How do I know what’s going on as the project progresses?

All project information, for example requirements, design documentation, user documentation, tasks and defects, are made available to the client on request. Additionally, every Project has a Project Manager assigned to it, so as to offer the Client a single point of contact. It is one of the primary responsibilities of the Project Manager to keep the Client updated.


How do I know my project will be completed on time?

When the period of gathering requirements is complete we estimate the time and cost to complete the whole project, which includes a target completion date for determined milestones. As the project proceeds, its status is tracked in detail. All decisions which affect delivery date and cost are fully discussed with you at regular status meetings.


How do you ensure quality?

We address the quality assurance needs at every phase of the development cycle. Our QA team has developed a focused quality control/testing checklist which ensures that every solution we deliver measures up to the highest possible international standards.


Do you ever turn down a project?

Unfortunately sometimes we do have to turn down projects. The main reasons we do it is because

  • the planned budget or timeframe seems unrealistic;
  • the project requirement is not a perfect fit for our skills or we don’t have available resources needed for the project;
  • we don’t believe the functional or performance goals of the application can be met.


Who owns the rights for the source code?

All rights to the work stay with the Client. This includes documentation, source code, binaries etc. which we develop in the course of the project. All this is part of the final delivery made to the client.


Is the code documented?

A project is not deemed complete until proper documentation is provided. We believe it is our professional responsibility to provide well-documented code. It also helps us in future projects to enhance functionality if and when the client requires it.